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River City Bikes

Whatever style of riding you’re into, somebody here does it, too. We’re ready with advice when you need it, we’ll understand your odd requests, and we might even have a bike joke you haven’t heard yet.


Ninkasi Brewing Company

Now in its tenth year, the brewery continues to grow while remaining fully independent and continuously focused on community. A team of two has increased to a family of over 100 employees who operate Ninkasi’s tasting room, production and lab facilities, sales force, marketing teams, local distribution arm, and a donations program. Ninkasi maintains a year-round Flagship Series of seven beers, including Total Domination IPA, followed by seasonal, special release, and R&D offerings.

Nossa Familia Coffee

Nossa Familia's focus is on bringing you exceptional coffee stemming from exceptional relationships. At every step, we continuously strive to foster community, ensure social responsibility & minimize our environmental impact.

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Horacek Dental

The caring dental team at Horacek Dental offers friendly comfortable dental services for families and individuals of all ages. We also understand the special needs of children, and create a welcoming atmosphere for their comfort.